Friendship | Generosity | Mathematics


Friendship | Generosity | Mathematics

We are now in April and we are looking towards the development of generosity and friendship.

Generosity is a virtue, not a trifling behaviour. In the 19th century the American thinker from Boston (United States), Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882), has rightly observed that the biggest gift is a piece of us!

We must not forget that the generous person is self-demanding in contrast with the vulgar who is demanding more from others.

Children are reluctant to share things until they develop their capacity of reason.

Generosity comprises spending for things which are praiseworthy and at the same time not taking from where one should not; it is combining with other virtues, such as a mild character, good manners, philanthropy, compassion, friendship, hospitality and the focusing on the good.

Friendship on the other hand is the ability for mutual respect, appreciation, devotion, understanding and trust between two or more persons.

A friend is a familiar person, a really good partner and a be-loved one.

As such pairs of friends we have:

–      Diomedes and Sthenelos,

–      Achilles and Patroclus,

–      Sarpedon and Glafkos.

Friendship operates in the same way as the attraction mediates in the centre of the universal sphere protecting it from falling into disarray.

In the mathematical theory of Phytagoras’ friendly numbers 220 is equal to the sum of the sub-multiples of 284 and the sum of the multiples of 284 is equal to the sub-multiples of 220 as you can see below:

Calculating firstly… 220 / 2 = 110; 220 / 110 = 2; 220 / 4 = 55; 220 / 55 = 4; 220 / 5 = 44; 220 / 44 = 5; 220 / 10 = 22; 220 / 22 = 10; 220 / 11 = 20; 220 / 20 = 11

Pythagoras’ first result: 110 + 2 + 55 + 4 + 44 +5 + 22 +10 + 20 + 11 + unit = 284

Caldulating secondly… 284 / 2 = 142; 284 / 142 = 2; 284 / 4 = 71; 284 / 71 = 4

Pythagoras’ second Result: 142 + 2 + 71 + 4 + unit = 220

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