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Address by the Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment, Mr. Demetris Eliades at the presentation of the political) 1 book ‘Polity and Cyprus’ of Mrs. A. Toumazou:

)1 It is political theory about the constitution with particular emphasis on Cyprus (EU).

Mr. Demetris Eliades’ speech to the forum / Argyro Toumazou:

‘I accepted with exceptional pleasure the invitation to make this address on the occasion of the presentation of her book.’

My pleasure is exceptional for two good reasons:

– First, because we are classmates in the Lef-cono-ico (greek “The White House”) | Gymnasium and ever since we are very good friends.

– Second, because her inventive book is a kind of intellectual exercise, a legal cross-word and a puzzle.

Argyro with her original thought found a way to educate and torment us. It takes concentration and our attention to follow her writing and her train of thought.

On her own, she locates the value of her book in approaching her subject from the point of view of available scientific knowledge and the exercise of common sense.

Sometimes science, being the knowledge of consequences, seems that complex. Argyro does not avoid this complexity, while at the same time she invokes common sense as a tool that would make things simpler. The complete speech is available on: glowcal dot org.

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